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July 12, 2013

All Done

Well here it is............the new bathroom. Finally done. I have a few minor things to work on in there but nothing too much and now we can use it and get things back to normal again and start the other bathroom.

I even found a couple of grey towels for the new bathroom and hubby found grey light switches. I didn't know they made grey ones..

This is the small wall that would be behind the door when it's open. And there is a little bit of a linen closet there as well..

This is the door frame that hubby made. 

And here is my cabinet that I painted and changed out the hardware on it. Hubby had to put wood o the side of it because it was just like pressed board with like wallpaper on it and didn't want to hold the toilet paper holder too well so he just continued the wood there.

I got this mirror in an antique store for just $10. It's oak and quiet heavy but it looks so much better than that huge mirror that was in there. I already showed the window, ceiling and the floor in another post. 

Now to start the other bathroom. I am not sure if I am doing the bead board yet or not. It is sort of a small bathroom so I am thinking not. Hubby already changed my mind on the sink cupboard that I wanted so we will see what happens with all of that. 

Since this bathroom is connected to the master bathroom I need to get more of this paint to paint the bedroom with. Also in this last photo the grey is very light in color. It is darker in real life. More like the photo of behind the door.

Now to get it all cleaned up and get some organizing done. I have to put all my things back into the linen closet and do something about reducing the clutter on the sink and under the sink. 

Thanks for looking at all our hard work.


Linda said...

I love this. I love gray walls. The wood work looks great. Love that little touch above the door!

Rose said...

I really like this...and love how you put the bead board behind the sink.