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August 21, 2013

Second Bathroom....Done!

Well almost! For the most part it is done. I have a few plans yet for a shelf but that is going to have to wait for a bit yet. But here are some photos of the finished product.

Oops this was taken before the mop board got put up. Sorry about that..

The door frame is the same as the other bathroom and we plan on doing all the door frames in the house. Wow that paint sure looks light in this photo..

We weren't going to put the bead board up in here but thought we would for one reason it adds a lot to the room and another reason is because the kitchen is on the other side of this wall. We thought it would make more confined if you know what I mean. 

I have had this mirror forever. I had painted it white at one time but thought I would strip it and leave it in here. And the shelf is one I picked up a few month ago and stripped it as well. I thought they might look nice together. I had to hang the shelf lower than I wanted to because I wanted the mirror hung this way and the self was a bit too wide to hang higher up but it is a nice height to keep things off the sink.

I forgot to show the new sink vanity. We got that and the new toilet put in then put the wood up. I had intended on posting this earlier but never got there. 

And the ceiling before we got the other boards up on the sides. Sorry about that. I didn't realize that I didn't have "all done" photos till now. I will have to re post those other two later on. It is a much quieter bathroom now with all the wood up. I still have to get my towel holder up and a paper holder but have not gotten around to that yet. I have a couple of ideas but we shall see what I can come up with.. I also want to make one of those canning jar soap containers but that will be later. I have seen them on Pinterest and just love them.

Now I am working hard to get more boards done for the other ceilings.....its going to take a while......I need to get as many of them done as I can before the weather turns cold. I can only do the polyurethane out in the barn. The smell is just too much to do in the house. I also need to think about getting some more paint to paint the master bedroom the same as the master bathroom. Good thing we only have a 2 bedroom house!

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Rose said...

Looking great! I bet you are so glad to be this far along!