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September 3, 2013

Local Bug Zapper

I guess this is a harmless spider. I have seen several of them in the years we have lived here but the web this one built was something. I wish I could take a photo when there was some dew so you could see it. 

But notice the zig zag at the bottom. Awesome! I wanted to put my hand up there to show you how big it is but.......I was too chicken to do it. 

You can see the web a bit more here. 


DeAnna S. said...

This is REAL? Oh my goodness! It looks like it can eat a rat.

Rose said...

We always called them writing spiders at home...and yes, they do get big. Not sure ours were this big. And I think the more common name is garden spider.

Catrina MacDonald said...

That spider looks like it's 2 feet tall! Is it an illusion from the camera angle? Hubby thinks so...