New Name

UNDER THE ROSE has a new name its.......BY THE SEAM.
I had trouble with the old web address so thought it would be best to change it.
Thanks for coming by and please leave me a comment so I know that you were here. Marlene

September 26, 2007

Another Love

I love making the quilts and I am going to try and get with my friend to take some pictures of the first ones that I made. Her children have been "testers" for me. I think they have all held up well but I haven't seen any of them in a long time. We are both busy and don't get together much any more.

I also enjoy doing embroidery, although it is rather hard on the old eyes, not sure if I am very good at the surface embroidery or not. I do like doing it. Right now I am taking some classes but they are not every week and it is a slow process to master all of it. I almost think that I like Silk Ribbon embroidery better and want to give that a try. The Silk Ribbon is not easy to get around here and it has to be ordered but we shall see.

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