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July 17, 2008

Another Treasure!

Along with the crazy quilt that my friend sent to me and all the other little bits of fabric that was in the box was some Embroidery Floss. I was amazed to find it. There were two colors this deep red and a gold color. Most of it was just loose skeins but this one bundle of red was all wrapped together. I almost hate to unwrap the bundle. I would like to see if I can wash them out but I am not sure how to go about doing it yet.

I took a photo of the back of the tag but you couldn't read what it said for the Instructions for washing. "Avoid Scalding Water, Cheap Washing Powders and Hard Wringing. Do not fold or roll up the article while wet.

THE RIGHT WAY- Use Warm Suds made with IVORY SOAP (or any other Pure Soap.) Rub Lightly, Rinse Thoroughly, Dry Quickly.

I thought that was so cute.

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Cheryl said...

I Love the Crazy Quilts , My Mom and I made one together . we enjoyed making it , it is our family heirloom quilt , we have alot of embordery work , embellishments and etc. on it but left some spaces for anyone that would like to add to it later on down the road .
Mom just finished a heart shape one for my sister. I too need to make another one for another daughter and my son .
I have the family heirloom quilt posted on my Blog .I will be looking at the rest of your work as I love to do the ribbon work also .