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August 4, 2008

Other Things!

Well here is a photo of some of the hay that my husband finished up over the weekend. I must say he is a real hero of mine. The temperatures have been 100 and with the heat index it has been well over 100. Today is 101 with a heat index of 108 to 112. I think that with the amount of time that he has spent outside in this heat and humidity he is definitely a very brave and strong person.

The cows have to eat and we have to do the work. It seems it is always very hot when we do the hay, we???, no not me but him I should have said when he does the hay....anyway this year is the worst it has been. We have had so much rain. I have never seen weeds this tall in all my life, some of them are at least 5 feet tall and getting taller all the time. We are due for rain again this week after last weeks remnants of Dolly. The lawn is a disaster to say the least and you can't tell where the weeds end/begin and the garden ends/begins or the flower gardens for that matter. But at least the pond is full and the cows still have green pasture to eat. Usually by this time everything is all burned up and we are feeding hay. I am thankful to God for all this rain even though the weeds and the bugs are really bad this year. I can't get rid of the squash bugs and they killed two plants and have almost killed the third one now. I must admit that I am sick of fighting the weeds and the bugs by now. The tomatoes are a joke and we won't even talk about the peppers or the beans. Not much good stuff this year but cucumbers and they are so plentiful that I don't even want to go out into the garden to pick them. They are huge before you can get out there.

Summer won't last much longer anyway just a few more weeks of good weather for most of us. Although here, we can go into November till we get cold weather. I guess we could get some really nice weather while everyone else is getting frosty weather. If it does cool down in September maybe I can get out there an make sense of the flower gardens if it isn't hidden by all those weeds and if not well better luck next year!

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