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April 7, 2009

Antique Crazy Quilt Blocks

The 2 backings

2 unfinished blocks

I love the round part in this one. and the stripe fabric and the floral in the other one.

Some time ago I posted a photo of an antique crazy quilt that a dear friend of mine gave me. They were done by her grandmother and she died in 1927. My friend is in her 70's. I had always wanted to post the rest of the quilt but never did. The blocks are not done and most of them don't have any embroidery on them. Some pieces of the fabric and not in the best of shape but I am glad to have it. I am not sure what I will do with it but I sure would like to try and do something with it.

I also took a photo of the back of two of the blocks. The brown flower is my favorite. The small brown print was on one other block and the rest had just plain brown on the back.
I am seriously considering giving up that old blog that I mentioned. I don't think I am going where all the other gals went because the site just didn't look as user friendly as the other one or this one but thought I would revive this one and wait awhile and then make up my mind. I found a nice group here on blogspot that I could join but I will have to check it out some more. Every ones quilts on that site look so very nice. It is a huge group.
I had some problems posting these photos, I could not get them to be inserted where I wanted them. I will have to figure that one out I guess. In the mean time I have unpacked some more treasures and will be posting some of them soon. I am working at organizing my fabric stash to make room for my other treasures. Plus the whole house needs it as I was gone for almost 3 months but that is another story.

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Angela said...

A treasure is right! Wow, if that quilt could speak, the stories it would tell! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :o)